CCCS of Puerto Rico

CCCS of Puerto Rico

CCCS of Puerto Rico a private non-profit 501 c3 organization focused on providing consumers with the highest quality financial education, advise and counseling. Serving you whenever you are. Offices in Puerto Rico and Orlando Miami Branch coming soon in 2018

Budget and Credit

Teaching people how to do a sensible Spending Plan for their household is the cornerstone of our Financial Literacy program. .


We are duly certified to provide counseling to debtors who are considering filing for bankruptcy, as well as to those who already filed for bankruptcy and are in the process of obtaining their discharge from the US Bankruptcy Court.


As a HUD-certified agency, we provide counseling to clients interested in becoming First-time Homebuyers, to homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments, and to senior property owners who are considering converting part of their home equities into cash through a Reverse Mortgage loan.

Student Loans

We provide counseling to consumers who are facing problems in the repayment of their student loan debts. One of our certified counselors can evaluate your loan repayment alternatives. They will contact the agency in charge of collecting this debt in order to explore options on your behalf. Similarly, they will prepare a budget to help you comply with the established agreement.

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