Credit Counselling Society

Credit Counselling Society

The Credit Counselling Society is a registered, nonprofit service for consumers. Since opening over 20 years ago, we have helped over half a million people across Canada learn how to solve debt problems, manage money better, and use credit responsibly. And we can help you too! Connect with us by phone, in person, or through live online chat. Ask us any questions you may have.

Debt Help

Is the stress of being in debt getting to you? You might only be a few months behind on your bills, or you might be so far behind that you don’t even open your bills anymore. Whatever your situation, we have experienced, caring Counsellors ready to give you guidance and solutions that will work for you. Our appointments are free and confidential because nothing should get in the way of getting help with your debts.

Credit Counselling

If you are stressed because of your debt, struggling to make your minimum payments each month and need a plan to get your finances back on track, we can help. The Credit Counselling Society is an award-winning credit and debt counselling non-profit service. Established in 1996 as a registered charitable society, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians learn how to manage their money and debt better.

Learn How To Build, Use & Re-Establish Credit

Whether you’re just starting out and using your first credit card, or are re-establishing your credit after past difficulties, it’s important to learn how to use credit wisely within your budget.

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