Gateway is Birmingham’s oldest nonprofit and Alabama’s leader in family solutions. We move our state forward by building strong children and families with proven tools for success. The result is game-changing, with Alabamians reaching their full potential as connected, thriving and contributing citizens.

From accessible, affordable mental health therapy to financial counseling services, Gateway provides a synergistic array of solutions for children and families. We also work with the state to keep families together, transition foster youth into strong young adults and find transformational foster parents for children from the hardest backgrounds of abuse and neglect.

Most notably, Gateway has produced the following outcomes for Alabama children and families:

  • Individuals and families have paid back more than $69 million of debt through Gateway’s financial counseling services.
  • Gateway has a 94 percent success rate keeping families together and preventing child abuse/neglect through counseling services.
  • 95 percent of Gateway youth transitioning out of foster care have earned their high school diploma or GED compared to 55 percent in similar programs nationally.
    In one year, Gateway produced the following outcomes for Alabama families and communities:

Stronger Youth

  • 18 foster youth enrolled in college
  • 34 foster youth got a job
  • 13 kids were adopted and found forever homes

Stronger Families

  • 88 children have returned to their families
  • 131 families stayed together through intensive in-home counseling

Stronger Finances

  • Families paid back more than $990,000 of debt
  • 98 families kept their homes
  • 234 families avoided bankruptcy
  • 184 families became mortgage ready
  • 39 families recovered pay-day loans and paid back creditors

Our method is simple, but proven. When families reach their full potential, Alabama’s education system, economy, workforce and communities thrive. Thus Gateway’s mission is not accomplished until children and families are able to contribute back to our state as extraordinary citizens.

Our Programs 

Gateway is Birmingham’s oldest nonprofit and Alabama’s leader in family solutions.  We offer an array of mental health, financial counseling and foster care services to support Alabama families and move our state forward with tremendous outcomes:

  • Gateway has a 94% success rate keeping children and families safely together through counseling.
  • Since 1997, Gateway has helped families pay back more than $69 million of debt through financial counseling.
  • Gateway foster youth exceed national statistics and reach their full potential, with 69% of youth working at age 19 compared to only 35% nationally.

Gateway Financial Freedom

Since 1997, Gateway Financial Freedom (GFF) has helped families pay back more than $69,000,000 of debt. We are Alabama’s most effective and affordable financial counseling service for individuals and families.

Debt Management Plans (DMP), through which a family’s debt is analyzed and repayment plans are negotiated with their creditors. DMP clients make a single payment to GFF, which then pays creditors according to the negotiated agreement.

Budgeting – Trained and experienced counselors work with individuals and families to examine both revenues and expenses and to devise budgets designed to promote financial stability

Mortgage Counseling – Allows potential homeowners to plan for the mortgage process by analyzing current finances, identifying “red flags,” and planning future actions to prepare for home ownership.

Foreclosure Counseling – GFF staff members will advocate for clients at risk of foreclosure to determine what, if any, steps can be taken to prevent foreclosure

Predatory/Pay-Day Loan Rescue – This new loan program rescues individuals and families from payday lenders and puts them on the path to healthy credit and financial success. Participants receive free financial counseling, a comprehensive credit review, and budget plan from Gateway Financial Freedom. The Alabama Central Credit Union grants a loan that pays off their existing payday loans. Participants repay the credit union’s loan over 12 months with affordable monthly payments.

Community Education – The staff of Gateway Financial Freedom provide financial education services to groups throughout the community.
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