CCCS of the Ozarks

CCCS of the Ozarks

CCCS of the Ozarks is a non-profit community service agency. Our goal is to help solve debt problems for those in financial trouble. We help our clients solve their debt problems by offering constructive advice and counseling and/or through our Debt Management Program (DMP).

CCCS of the Ozarks can help you make the most of your money through a solid financial plan, credit report education, and financial education programs, resulting in you getting out of debt. We are local, personal, and experienced. We have confidentially helped your Ozarks’ friends and neighbors pay down $1,000,000 in debt each month – and we can help you too.

When dealing with debt issues, often the most daunting aspect is simply taking the initial step to get help. At CCCS, we have helped thousands of individuals and families navigate the path to financial freedom. We understand your fears, your frustrations, and your willingness to take control of your situation. While the first step can be intimidating, it’s also the most liberating once you commit to the process, so lets get to work!

Free Financial & Credit Education

Our certified financial professionals will analyze your financial situation, and look for ways to create a workable budget for your financial goals and lifestyle. We will provide recommendations and tips to make your money stretch even further. Confidential appointments are available in person or by phone. Call (417) 889-7474 or long distance toll-free at 1-800-882-080 to make an appointment. CCCS of the Ozarks online counseling module is a convenient and confidential way to get started. You will be asked to enter information about yourself, which will assist us in better understanding how we may be able to help. After we assess the information that you have provided, a certified counselor will contact you in order to complete the credit counseling session – either by phone or in person.

Debt Management Program

Are you looking for a safe way to get out of debt?

Our debt management plan offers a way to help you pay your unsecured debt. You can meet with a certified counselor who will review your income, monthly living expenses (your budget) and debts. Should you choose the option of our debt management plan, reduced monthly payments will be proposed to your creditors. In some cases the finance charges (interest) are reduced or stopped. Instead of making numerous payments to individual creditors, you will make your payment to Consumer Credit Counseling to be distributed each month. Call today to schedule an appointment or make an online submission.

Credit Report Review

Wouldn’t you like to have a good understanding of your credit report?

Our certified professionals can assist you with obtaining a copy of your credit report. Your counselor can help with questions you may have and identify factors such as errors or fraud that are lowering your credit score and ultimately costing you money. You can also learn how to dispute inaccurate information on your report.

Bankruptcy Pre-Filing Counseling

The Bankruptcy Reform Act, S.256 better known as The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, effective October 17, 2005 requires all parties seeking to file for bankruptcy protection must first receive pre-filing counseling from an Approved non-profit credit counseling agency.

CCCS of the Ozarks is an approved provider with the Department of Justice for bankruptcy counseling. Before anyone is allowed to file bankruptcy they must go through credit counseling. Once this counseling session has taken place a certificate will be issued to present to your attorney for filing with the court. In the case of joint filers both parties are required to complete the counseling session and each receive a Certificate. This counseling session must be completed prior to your filing for bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge Education

Money in Motion satisfies the requirement for pre-discharge bankruptcy education. This course gives you the information you need to handle your money and credit with confidence. In this eight-chapter course, you’ll learn about budgeting, your credit report and credit score, setting financial goals, and organizing your financial records. You’ll also learn the steps to take to cope with financially challenging situations. By applying what you learn in Money in Motion, you will have the skills you need to start again financially after bankruptcy.

Credit Education/Financial Seminars

Credit education on financial issues is a major priority of CCCS of the Ozarks. Our goal is to educate individuals and families before a problem occurs. We provide a number of presentations on Budgeting, Credit Cards (and other loans), Consumer Rights and Establishing and Building A Better Credit Record.

Foreclosure Prevention & Housing Counseling

If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure and your home is at risk, Consumer Credit Counseling Services is here to help. Our trained staff will complete a financial analysis and provide clients with options for preventing foreclosure.

Potential homeowners can benefit from a personalized financial evaluation before they step into homeownership, securing a low interest rate based on having a maintaining a good credit history. A professional counselor can evaluate finances, perform a credit assessment, and make recommendations for improving credit.

Homebuyer Education

Buying a home is probably the biggest, most expensive purchase you will ever make. Exploring our homebuyer education guide before you become a homeowner can help you get the best home for your money. The Make Your Move… A Guide to Homeownership course will help you understand the terms used in the home-buying process, the professionals you’ll work with, and the documents you’ll need to close your loan. You’ll learn what to expect as you go through the process of shopping for and buying a home. You’ll learn how to get the best deal, and how to avoid predatory lenders. You will receive a certificate when you finish the course.

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