Please contact us for a demo. We can demonstrate the system or set you up a hands-on training system you can try.

Who is Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR)? 

We are the premier, global provider of counseling software platforms. CPR provides a Platform for Credit Counseling, Bankruptcy Counseling, Housing Counseling, Family Counseling, Student Loan Counseling and Representative Payee services.
We also provide training and support with a variety of delivery methods by certified individuals to agencies worldwide.

How long has CPR been in business?

CPR has been in business over 29 years. In fact, we’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2024.

Is it a public company or private?

CPR is Cooperative. We were formed by eight Agencies who wanted to collaborate on a single counseling platform. This is still our mission today.

Where are you based?

We are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. Specifically, in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
Here’s a link to connect us: https://www.cprops.com/#contact
Or, you can call us at: (214) 739-6151

Why should we do business with CPR?

The number one reason CPR is completely different from any other platform vendor is because we are a true Cooperative. The Cooperative was formed by agencies who wanted to work together to keep their software application development and support costs managed and controlled.
CPR is not a traditional vendor; we are truly a partner for software development and a technology provider to our members. We are a Texas Cooperative which means our members own the Cooperative.

What are your products?

We have a suite of integrated products:
  • Credit Counseling. Provides assistance in debt relief by negotiating a lower payment to the client’s creditor and helping them regain control of their finances.
  • Housing Counseling. Fully support housing counseling with enhanced HUD reporting and automated submissions.
  • Representative Payee Counseling. Assists individuals and families in successfully managing payee services for their finances and benefits.
  • Student Loan Counseling. Easily identifies all of the client’s options, including available payment plans, discharge opportunities, rehabilitation options and more.
  • Family Services Counseling. Supports a variety of family-focused programs.

Is your software up to date?

CPR is constantly upgrading our products and services that we offer to our agencies. Most of the improvements come from working closely with our agencies to help them fulfill their mission with their clients.

Do you do press releases?

Yes, sometimes.

Is there a demo we can see or try?

Please contact us for a demo. We can demonstrate the system or set you up a hands-on training system you can try. Please feel free to speak to our experts right now.


Are you on Social Media?

Yes, we are. Please follow us:


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